Below you will find some of my favorite sites.

Birth : A great site that contains the archived information from a popular midwifery mailing list. You can look up almost any pregnancy- or birth-related topic. : the Association of Labor Assistants and Childbirth Educators; they train and certify doulas and childbirth teachers : The site for Waterbirth International : another waterbirth info site : Index of research on Homebirth : a lovely description of Why Natural Birth is important. Information from researcher Henci Goer on the truth about episiotomy Great information about Optimal Fetal Positioning – very important for avoiding a long, ineffective labor or a posterior baby : the results of a large prospective study in North America, documenting the outcomes of planned home births with certified professional midwives, published in the British Medical Journal : Information on optimal fetal positioning for a better labor

Midwifery : The homepage of the Midwive’s Alliance of North America : The homepage of Citizens for Midwifery, a support and advocacy group for Midwives. : The website of the North American Registry of Midwives, the certifying body for Certified Professional Midwives. Learn here how to become a CPM.

Breastfeeding : The leading authority on breastfeeding, they can help you find a local leader to answer your questions. : The website of Dr Jack Newman, a leading authority on breastfeeding. He has some great articles here.

Parenting : A great article on the biological importance of bed-sharing, and how to do it safely A wonderful site containing most of the text of the radical parenting magazine, Compleat Mother. Lots of great info, well worth the read! : Safety and wisdom of bed-sharing

Circumcision : The website of a leading anti-circumcision group, with lots of links and information

Homeopathy Links : The website of the National Center for Homeopathy