I try to have an assistant attend every birth with me. This provides increased safety for the client and baby. Assistants are always trained in Neonatal Resuscitation, CPR and have the knowledge to assist in emergency situations such as hemorrhage. They share the duties of labor management with me when they have reached this level of competence.

Assistants are often midwifery apprentices/students. I have been involved in the training of several midwifery students over the years. Currently, I am working with Lisa Cirello, RN, CPM. Lisa lives in Milford, PA with her husband and children, and completed her academic training through Birthwise School of Midwifery in Maine and her apprenticeship with me in June of 2021. She passed the NARM credentialing exam in June 2021 and is taking on some clients of her own while continuing to assist me when she is able.

As a backup, I may call Kimberly Rodriguez, a newer CPM in NEPA. Besides attending births in her own practice, she has agreed to assist me if needed or to cover for me if I am unavailable. You can read more about Kim on HER website: I also occasionally assist Kim in HER client’s births when needed.

Another assistant/backup option I use is Lois Wilson, a direct-entry midwife living near Matamoras. Lois has decades of experience and helps me out when needed.